Adult Colouring to Functional Decor

Image of Handcrafted Coasters in use made from butterfly themed adult colouring pages
adult colouring book coasters

Adult colouring books are everywhere.  So, just what is one to do with all those colouring pages? Having purchased around six too many adult colouring in books, I was stuck with what to do with them after the pictures have been chosen and carefully completed.

Projects for Colouring Pages

My vast Pinterest search provided many ideas ranging from gift wrap, covering boxes for nifty home decor and various artworks….  However, I was left still looking for that special idea for my painstaking efforts.  I was out searching for some fabric to make some placemats when I was struck with the idea of using the pages as the design feature.  Great idea!  I dug out my best colouring book and chose 8 of my favourite pictures.

Here is the cover to the adult colouring book I used for this project.  Click on the image to purchase your own copy through Amazon.

Image of the Cover of the Animals Night and Day Colouring Book used to create this hand crafted project

How I Spend So Many Evenings Colouring

Catherine and I spend a lot of time sitting with our books and Mama’s “office use only” texsta pens.   We easily while away half an hour or more colouring in the blank inked markings of the colouring books.  I love these moments.  Catherine carefully puts together “colour pats”.  A mix of around 6 texsta pens that must be used for the new colouring book page.  We sit and chat about the day as we watch the start of The Bachelor or similar (perfect mother I am not!).  After, we admire one another’s handicraft.  Also, I field the odd question about why Georgia kisses so many men…

Oh, it’s the simple things!

Image of an Adult Colouring Page being completed with coloured texstas
adult colouring page in the making

How to Protect the Adult Colouring Pages

Next, I needed to figure out how to best protect the colouring pages from use.  I tested mode podge, but the texsta pen colours ran into one another on contact with the colouring pages.  So I tested some resin and watched on as the colours ran once more.  This may have been a blessing in disguise given the cost would have been high to purchase that much resin for this project!

Because I like to make life difficult for myself, I kept going back to the idea of good old clear contact.  I was pleasantly surprised that cups of hot tea didn’t alter the picture and covering on my test piece.  Whilst clear contact can be prone to showing up scratches or small gouges, it held up strong to my crockery and glass tests and continued to pose the best method for covering my placemats.  I decided to go ahead with this and keep the placemats for special days (and our guests who can be trusted not to go stabbing forks into them – or their siblings).

Image of a cuppa tea sitting on a handcrafted coast from an adult colouring page
testing contact on adult colouring page coaster

Adult Colouring Book Placemat Project Steps

All you need for this project is:

  • contact
  • cork backing
  • ruler
  • sharp knife
  • glue
  • scissors
  • colouring pages
Image of tools and materials used to make Handcrafted Place-mats from Adult Colouring Pages - Cork board, glue, ruler, cutting knife and scissors
materials for adult colouring page placemat project


By using the same colouring book, I kept with a look that was fun and colourful, yet retained a particular theme and style.   By doing this a more polished end result is ensured.

Image of a selection of completed Adult Colouring Pages in Animals of the Night theme
what to do with all these colouring pages?



I nabbed some plain corked place-mats at Ikea as they worked out cheaper than the craft store options.  I had some old hard-backed placemats but they were the wrong size and shape (a jigsaw would quickly solve this but the softer cork was nice and easy to cut with a craft knife).   Simply use one of the colouring pages as a template and cut your backings out.

An Image of using the aduclt colouring page to mark a template to cut cork board backing for adult colouring page placemats
marking template to cut cork board


To limit the risk of creases or bubbles in my contact covering, I found a technique on You Tube that worked a treat.  So I will also be using this technique for those dreaded annual school book challenges.  I swear (lots!) that the darn clear contact seems vengeful and hell-bent on making me look like the Worst Mum Ever as Catherine walks in with her scarred and wounded school books.  I’m left wondering if it’s a sign of what’s to come – the many school projects and tantrums (mostly mine).  Deep breath…. 

It’s important to cover the adult colouring book page alone with the clear contact before gluing to the cork backing. This is so as to keep the cork backing for its proper purpose.  

An image of measuring contact to cover and protect the Adult Colouring Page as a place-mat
contact for adult colouring page placemat
An image of contact being applied to the adult colouring page to make a handcrafted placemat
adhering contact to adult colouring page placemat

Next, apply glue to the cork backings you’ve cut to size and stick pages to same.


It is important to note that you want to get the glue close up to the edge of the placemats but not get it on the front of the covered design as the glue is acidic and can make the contact thin and a bit like cling film in places it comes into contact with.

An image of glue application to the corkboard backing the handcrafted place-mat
glue to cork backing for adult colouring page placemat

Your project is now complete!  Take a look and see what you think:


An image of completed Adult Colouring Page functional place-mats in use on the table with plates and beutiful handcrafted paper flowers
functional decor with adult colouring pages
An image of completed Adult Colouring Page functional place-mats in use on the table with plates, beautiful handcrafted paper flowers and a glass of wine
Nifty! Adult colouring book placemats in use
An image of completed Adult Colouring Page functional place-mats in use on the table with plates and a glass of wine
cute adult colouring book placemats

Coasters With Your Adult Colouring Book Pages

With the off-cuts, I chose some finished colouring pages from my stash and cut into small squares.  And finally I covered the coasters using the same technique.  The coasters are a perfect summer addition to your outdoor entertaining and make cute Christmas gift ideas.  Big tick!

Image of a selection of floral Adult Colouring Pages Handcrafted Coasters with pretty coloured drinking glasses
chic adult colouring page coasters

Now you can enjoy all the colouring books you want to with gift ideas and craft to show off your colouring pages.

I’d love to see your own designs and makes.  Did any of you find an alternative to the clear contact that worked well?  Let us know in the comments!