Lose Your Marble(s) with Style

Image of faux marble covered items from my desk, memo holder, pencil holder, tea tray used to old stationary items
marble contact on stationery decor

Love Losing Your Marbles?

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s getting carried away with craft projects.  With this faux marble DIY project, the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve and it won’t cost any more than a $3 roll of marble contact from K Mart!  Of course, one roll will only get you so far so you may need to splurge on two rolls to satisfy your newfound addiction.

Image of marble contact and items to be covered, tea tray, pencil holder, clipboard
marble contact and office stationery ready to roll

I decided to deck out my desk with faux marble stationery holders.  I took an old piece of timber to act as a “tray” for my stationery vessels to sit on for extra glam and covered it with the marble contact.  Then I covered some boxes to up the ante on the effect.  By placing the stationery boxes on the block of “marble”, the look was a whole lot of luxe.  Not content with stopping here, I moved on to my memo board holder and it now hangs with pride in my studio.

wood with marble and gold contact stationery vessels
marble covered wood block for extra glam
Image of faux marble memo holder in use with a weekly goals sheet attached
marble memo holder

Embracing Marble for the Whole Family

As I’m not the only one embracing the love of all things marble, I decided to make some Christmas gifts for friends and family.  I grabbed some photo frames I had stored away and got busy.  Then I moved on to some cardboard gift boxes.  Loving the results!

Image of faux marble picture frames of all shapes and sizes
marble contact covered picture frames
Image of marble covered gifts boxes perfect for Christmas Gifts
marble covered boxes
Image of ikea hack marble covered planter for stationary holder
Ikea hack marble covered planters for stationery vessel

I decided to turn up the volume and went with gold foil contact instead of the marble to see how it would go (a hefty price tag of $5 for this number).  Mixing it up and using as accents is super effective.

image of marble and gold contact on containers for stationary
marble and gold effect contact stationery vessels


Make sure the underneath of what you’re covering is the same colour as prints will show through the contact.

If you are covering something dark, it will be a little darker than covering something white, however, it doesn’t affect the piece at all.

If you cover say, a photo frame with the small, tight corner where the frame insert goes, simply get some liquid paper (whiteout) and dab in the corner to cover up.  You only need to do this if the piece you are covering was not white to start with.  This simple fix worked a treat.

Image of how to cut straight corners for picture frames and gift boxes
cutting straight corners for frames and boxes
Image of how to work fiddly corners with the forgiving marble contact
fiddly corners easily covered up with forgiving contact
img_4259Image of how to trim contact edged for the base of the pale blue tea tray
trimming contact edges

I’m now losing my marbles over what I can cover next…. “Catherine, Charlie! Can you come here please?”

Please share your faux marble upcycles in all materials and project ideas – I’d love to see them!

Have a great weekend.