Win Gold Leaf for Your Home

Image of gold leaf being placed on crystal glassware
gold leaf on crystal glassware

You don’t need to look further than your own living room to find suitable pieces for this make. The gold leaf flakes look fantastic on so many elements, from glassware to ceramics to wood. Think knick knacks and small furniture items to add serious glam to your home.

Materials for Gold Leaf Project

  • Items – vases, dishes, frames, furniture, glassware, ceramics, wood.
  • Gold leaf flakes – These are available in packets from most craft stores and cheaper than gold leaf sheets.
  • Modge Podge – Don’t have any? Just use all purpose white glue with two parts water mixed together.
  • Gloves – These are essential to prevent the oils from your hands making contact with the gold leaf and sticking everywhere but your intended object.
  • Soft Bristled Brush – for brushing over gold leaf to adhere to project.
  • Paintbrush
Image fo items for gold leafing including silver trays, glass votive, white canvas
various objects for gold leaf project
Image of cute little glass votive candles with heart for gold leaf project
cute heart votive candle holders
Image of a simple white candle for gold leaf project
simple white candle

Tips for Working with Gold Leaf

Always work with gold leaf indoors – even the breath of a kitten will replicate a destructive cyclone when gold leaf is involved.

I find it easier to coat the area of the object you want covered with modge podge and then layer the gold leaf all over the area before using a soft brush to dust over the top. By doing this, you limit the amount of glue that making contact with your brush. When glue gets on the brush it gets clogged up and makes it difficult to use.

By applying your modge podge in a pattern or shape, you can create a specific pattern or design. You could also use a stencil for the same effect. Simply wait for the modge podge to dry and then brush off the excess with your paintbrush.

Image of the letter B with a little heart embellishment completed on a white canvas with the B and the heart beautifully finished in gold leafing
the letter “B”

A further coat of your modge podge or cheat’s cheap version will help preserve your new home decor piece.

Image of the silver plates spray painted in blue, pink, gold and gold leaf applied to edges
transformed mini silver trays
Image of beautiful ice cube shaped votive candle holders with the inner shaped like a heart and gorgeously filled with gold leaf
Decadent heart crystal candle holders

You can opt to cover your whole piece with gold leaf or use as an accent to show the original form of the piece, adding to the look.

Image of white candle glamourised with gold leaf applied around the bottom
glamourised plain white candle – the perfect gift

Look at you! You’ve upcycled your way to domestic goddess. Pop your newfound treasures onto the mantel and celebrate your latest craft win.

Here’s some other inspiration using gold paint and papers.

Image of wooden palings, gold striped paper covering, paper flowers and love word in centre of heart
wooden palings with gold striped paper backing floral paper flower decorative piece
Image of pastel teacup and saucers in pink and blue wit gold glitter to embellish the edges of the saucers and the base of the tea cups
pastel tea cups with gold glitter embellishment
Image of a delicate champagne glass embellished with gold glitter on the base of the glass keeping the stem clear for holding
champagne glass with gold glitter embellishment

Cheers Darlings x

2 thoughts on “Win Gold Leaf for Your Home

  1. I personally have never done any gold leafing but it’s always been something I have wanted to try. Rebecca you have now inspired me to have a go.!!!! Where is the best place to purchase gold leaf from? And those little heart motive candle holders are just adorable. I’d love to start with something like that! Where did you get those from? xxMelly

    1. Hi Melly
      Thanks for your questions. Gold leaf is something people are a little nervous to try but it is super easy and the effect is fabulous and like no other for this type of finish.
      You can find gold leaf in sheets or flakes in craft supply stores. Mine were from Riot Art and cost AUD11.99. Then you just need size, but I used modge podge as I had some and saved me a few pennies.
      You can use gold metallic paint, but as mentioned above, the finish won’t quite be the same but is still gorgeous.
      The process is easy and inexpensive and we can all do with a little glam in our lives so please do try it and show us your results!
      As for the votive heart candles, I picked them up at my local $2 shop…. but don’t go telling anyone!
      Rebecca x

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