About Rebecca

A Handcrafted Life by Rebecca Low is the realisation of my ambition to create a small business whereby I can explore my love of creating beautiful things for the home which I can share through my writing and tutorials.

I also work part time for Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens television series, researching and designing projects for the show.  I love the show for its family appeal and DIY projects. It inspires families across the country to try for themselves.

My days entail spending time with my little ones, Catherine and Charlie, designing and creating to add light, colour and fun to my immediate surroundings.   I moved into this area of design to better fit in with my little family, having run a small business in  designing and styling for weddings in and around Sydney.

Image of Rebecca's children cooking
These two – Catherine and Charlie

Based in Sydney, Australia, I discovered my passion during my time abroad, in the United Kingdom and South Africa.  I developed my crafts in bridal design for millinery and cake decorating, specialising in sugar flowers.  I’m very quickly learning on the job about photography and all things tech.

Image of Rebecca's Catherine holding a hand crafted flower in her hands
A handcrafted life

Rebecca’s upcoming lifestyle project

There’s a lot in store for 2017.  I am looking for the perfect plot of land or ultimate fixer upper in a beautiful region of Australia.  I’m looking for the best handcrafted adventure.  A place that offers lifestyle, community spirit and plenty of art, craft, food and wine to embrace our little trio.

My idea is to make, build or upcycle each item that goes into our home. Also sharing pieces I’ve picked up along the way from other makers.  It will be the homes of all things handcrafted.  I will be writing pieces to inspire others to whip out a paint brush, wield that hammer and decorate items in their own home.  There will be plenty of downtime in between with cooking, growing food for our table and sharing it all in between.  How better else to reward our efforts?!

This is not an adventure I wish to take alone.  I want to find people along the way who are trying their hand at handcrafting and creating a home for their loved ones.  I want to become friends and chat and engage through this blog.  Let’s all share our handcrafted efforts and create our own community!

Speak to you soon.

Rebecca x

Image of Rebecca Low
Putting a name to a face: Me, Rebecca!